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To enhance and promote beekeeping for
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To insure that honey bee populations are
maintained and protected.
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The Olympia Beekeepers
Association is a non-profit
organization which provides
education, training and support for
beekeepers in Thurston County.
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Michael Bush presentation coming in October. Click the link below to view the
date and registration information. (Note: we are only able to accept checks
made out to "Olympia Beekeepers Association")
Michael Bush

Hi everyone,

We have a fantastic program upcoming with beekeeper extraordinaire Michael Bush
on Saturday, October 25th. Michael will be presenting a full day of instruction on
beekeeping at the Farm Bureau building (where we had our summer meetings, but for
this we're in the very large second floor event room) from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. He
will be covering a host of topics, and if you've ever seen or heard Michael speak, I'm
sure you'd agree he's loaded with information and practical experience, and is also
very approachable with questions and concerns regarding our own bees. Michael is
the author of "The Practical Beekeeper". For more information on Michael, you can
visit his website at www.bushfarms.com

If you're a new beekeeper or thinking about starting in bees, this is a great opportunity
to pick up an extraordinary amount of information in one place. Seasoned beekeepers
will also find Michael's program informative and helpful. Michael will have copies
of his books, including a few titles on queen rearing with him that day.

Michael will be covering a host of topics including natural cell size and varroa;
small cell beekeeping; swarm prevention and splits; "a few good queens", or a
simple way for hobbyist beekeepers to get a few queens; and overwintering. He's
even offered to throw in a song or dance if we get tired of listening to him (which is
worth the cost of admission all by itself!)

The program is open to anyone interested in learning more about bees, and all are
welcome, so tell your beekeeping friends. And, as an Olympia Beekeepers  Plus,
your registration also includes lunch.

We must receive your registration before October 18th!  Checks can be made payable
to Olympia Beekeepers Association and mailed to: Olympia Beekeepers
Association, P.O. Box 732, Olympia, WA 98507 or you can bring them with you to
the next regular OBA meeting at Chinook Middle School on October 13th.

The Farm Bureau building is located at 975 Carpenter Road NE, Lacey, WA, 98516

Questions? Please contact me at LMPCarl@gmail.com

This is a not-to-be-missed day with a master beekeeper!  Bee There!!


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